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Seventeenth-Century European Drawings in Midwestern Collections:
The Age of Bernini, Rembrandt, and Poussin

Edited by Shelley Perlove and George S. Keyes
University of Notre Dame Press
Forthcoming in December 2014; available for pre-ordering

This catalogue, sponsored by the Midwest Art History Society with additional support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, brings together more than 100 treasures of the Baroque age from museum collections in the Midwest. Its selection of Italian, Dutch, Flemish, and French drawings offers new insights on many works, some of which are relatively unknown, others that have never before been published. Authored by major scholars in the field, the catalogue presents each drawing with a concise description and full scholarly information. Essays by Babette Bohn, George S. Keyes, Kristi A. Nelson, and Alvin L. Clark, Jr., respectively, introduce Italian, Dutch, Flemish, and French schools. The introductory essay by Shelley Perlove places these works within the larger context of 17th-century art. This catalogue is designed to have widespread appeal for art historians, curators, artists, collectors, and students.

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A Corpus of Drawings in Midwestern Collections:
Sixteenth Century Northern European Drawings

by B. Dunbar, R. Munman, E. Olszewski

This volume catalogues 137 drawings by nearly one hundred artists active in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Spain from the very end of the fifteenth century through 1600. Compiled by a team of 22 scholars, the book fully documents each of the drawings from 24 Midwestern museums outside of Chicago, with detailed scholarly entries and photographs of every work. The drawings in this book present some of the most able draughtsmen of the period active north of the Alps. A sampling of the artists includes Albrecht Dürer, Albrecht Altdorfer, Maerten van Heemskerck, Hendrick Goltzius, Maerten de Vos, and Tobias Stimmer. The volume also presents over 40 drawings published here for the first time, with attributions to such artists as Christopher Amberger, Virgil Solis, and Otto van Veen. The compilation presents an important cross-section of the drawing medium during the century in which drawings become truly of age, for both artists who view their creations as works in themselves and for their public.

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A Corpus of Drawings in Midwestern Collections:
Sixteenth Century Italian Drawings

A Corpus of Drawings in Midwestern Collections

Brepols/Harvey Miller Publishers announces the publication of the latest in the series of MAHS-sponsored studies of drawings from Midwest collections: Sixteenth Century Italian Drawings, 2 vols., ed. by Edward J. Olszewski, Turnhout: Harvey Miller Publishers, 2008, 628 pp. This two-volume corpus of drawings in midwestern collections contains entries on 471 drawings in forty museums from a canvas of 75 institutions between Ohio and Oklahoma, with entries written by sixteen scholars (MAHS members). Volume II of Italian Drawings illustrates all 471 works, and also includes 35 comparative illustrations plus 18 color illustrations. Artist, Collections, and Provenance indices make the set a useful referfence tool.A Corpus of Drawings in Midwestern Collections

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Drawings in Midwestern Collections, Volume 1: Early Works

Drawings in Midwestern Collections

This first volume of Drawings in Midwestern Collections offers a full listing of old master drawings from collections throughout the Midwest. Thoroughly researched, this important reference book introduces a corpus of the rarest of European drawings through the year 1500.

Each of the thirty entries in this volume is written by a scholar who has immediate access to the artwork itself and who is a specialist in the art of that period. In addition to basic information about the work, the authors have commented on each drawing's artistic significance and on problems surrounding it. Included also are reproductions of the drawings as well as numerous illustrations of comparable works from other American and European collections.

Drawings in Midwestern Collections presents previously unpublished technical information on many of the drawings, argues for the new attribution of several of them, provides an up-to-date summary of scholarship on each work, and, taken as a whole, provides insight into the diversity of the holdings in midwestern museums. Published by the University of Missouri Press.

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