June 2017 President's Message - Past President's Message

June 2017 President's Message

June 2017 President's Message

President’s Message

The 44th meeting of the Midwest Art History Society was held in Cleveland April 6-8, 2017. We were shown exceptional hospitality by the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Cleveland, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Case Western Reserve University and Oberlin College. During the business breakfast, officer elections (occurring every three years) were held and Interim Secretary Paula Wisotzki, Treasurer Valerie Hedquist, and Past President Henry Luttikhuizen joined me as officers. I am very honored, and very humbled, to continue after the exceptional leadership of the past presidents with whom I have served on the board (Judith Mann, Fred Smith, Randy Coleman, Paula Wisotzki and Henry Luttikhuizen).

My goals as president are very simple: Continuation, Appreciation, Communication, Information, and Progression. As stated above, I follow a terrific set of outstanding presidents, and my first goal is the continuation of this tradition. Without the dedication of the entire membership and board, there would be no MAHS. This leads me to the second goal, appreciation. You can see from the success of the Cleveland conference, we are on a strong trajectory and each conference program brings us to a new height. Financially, we have never been more solvent, and our keynote speakers could not have been more personable or academically esteemed. Our membership is up, our awards on track, board nominations coming regularly, and Facebook followers are at an all time high with a new user-friendly and attractive website. The CMA museum guards thanked us for being such a lovely, appreciative group of people in their museum! This success is a result of the collective efforts of each of you and for this, I say “Thank You!” The board of directors and on-site committee are especially appreciated.

Our newsletters are now distributed digitally, which allows for improved communication in a timely and regular manner. You will be receiving email blasts for all important upcoming events, such as when conference registration is open, call for papers, conference hotel information, etc. Our new MAHS website has been revised and is gorgeous and full of information that we hope will be useful for professional art historians. Read about past conference programs, and see the recipients of the 2017 Emerging Scholar Award and the Graduate Presentation Award.

The Annual Conference online photo Gallery has been updated, and if you have any conference photos that you would like to share, please email them to info@cmaohio.org. I also strongly encourage all members to email recent personal accomplishments to info@cmaohio.org as well, to get them added to the Recent News section of the website. Please post information about yourselves, your institutions, favorite links, or any comments that you would like to share to the MAHS Facebook page. You will also be periodically receiving requests for news from Gus Medicus, who compiles information for MAHS eNews, emailed to members. If you have suggestions or questions about the website, MAHS Facebook, or eNews, please send them to David Stark (our website and social media director). We want to know what you are doing and thinking!

Next year’s conference will be in Indianapolis, April 4-6, 2018. Please mark your calendars and save the dates! The program is shaping up to continue the progression of the Midwest Art History Society in its mission to bring together academic, museum-based, and independent art historians in the common goal of scholarly inquiry and the exchange of ideas.

Please feel free to email me about any concerns, questions and ideas. See you in Indianapolis!


Heidi J. Hornik, Ph.D.
President, Midwest Art History Society
Professor of Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art, Baylor University