2011 Annual Conference

2011 Annual Conference

Apr 14 – 16, 2011

The Midwest Art History Society hosted its 38th annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, April 14-16, 2011. The conference was hosted jointly by Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, with additional support from the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA).

Twenty historical and thematic sessions were featured, including special topics on The Body in Art, Conservation, Gardens as Art, and Public Sculpture. Several featured events were planned including an evening dialogue with American icon Jim Dine, who joined the conference at Meijer Gardens, and a presentation by Rebecca Zorach, author of the acclaimed book Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold: Abundance and Excess in the French Renaissance, at UICA.

Grand Rapids has earned a distinguished reputation for its support of the visual arts, beginning with the 1969 arrival of Alexander Calder’s celebrated La Grande Vitesse, the first work supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Art in Public Places program. This civic symbol has been joined by major works by Mark di Suvero, Maya Lin, Ellsworth Kelly and Robert Morris in the heart of the downtown – an urban focal point with more than 75 restaurants, nightclubs, entertainment venues and museums found within a ten minute walking distance from the conference hotel, Amway Grand Plaza.

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Both the Grand Rapids Art Museum and UICA are located within minutes of the hotel.

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Both the Grand Rapids Art Museum and UICA are located within minutes of the hotel. Celebrating its centennial year, the art museum moved into its acclaimed new facility in 2007. The focus of the collection is Renaissance to Modern Art, with particular strengths in 19th century painting, American prints and drawings. UICA is the state’s largest center for Contemporary Art, with extensive exhibition, film, and educational offerings in a new state-of–the art facility opening in autumn 2010.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Located ten minutes from the conference hotel and will be made available by complimentary shuttle service.

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

The internationally renowned Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is a highly unique organization devoted to sculpture and horticulture, nature and the visual arts. The collection opens with Rodin, Degas and Maillol, continues with masters like Moore, Hepworth, and Nevelson, and remains current with installations by Goldsworthy, Cragg, Plensa, Borofsky and Bourgeois, among others. Meijer Gardens is located ten minutes from the conference hotel and will be made available by complimentary shuttle service.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is one of the most active and vibrant cultural communities in the Midwest.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the center of a metropolitan area of more than 1.2 million residents and is one of the most active and vibrant cultural communities in the Midwest. In addition to the aforementioned visual arts organizations, it is home to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum, the Public Museum of Grand Rapids, and hosts a highly regarded symphony, ballet and opera, and seven colleges and universities. Among numerous special attractions are Frank Lloyd Wright’s spectacular Meyer May House in the Heritage Hill neighborhood—the nation’s largest contiguous neighborhood of historic homes.

Conference Program

Conference Program

Midwest Art History Society Program
Annual Conference, Grand Rapids, April 14 – 16, 2011


Thursday, April 14, 2011
Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

The Body in Art
Session Chair: Suzanne Eberle, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
Hauenstein Room

  • From Flesh to Ashes: Negation and Monumentalization of Corporeality
    Nogin Chung, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
  • When a Boy Says Goodbye to His Mother and She Gives Him to Uncle Sam: Mothers in Illustrated Sheet Music During World War I
    Theresa Leininger-Miller, University of Cincinnati
  • The Dancer’s Body at the Salon: Cleo de Merode and Alexandre Flaguiere’s La Danseuse
    Susan Waller, University of Missouri
  • The Tomioka Silk Mill: Factory Women, the Nation, and Meiji Period Visual Culture
    Alison Miller, University of Kansas

Late Medieval and Northern Renaissance Art
Session Chair: Anne Heath, Hope College
Pfeiffer Room

  • Hybridity of Spaces: St. William’s College, The College of Chantry Priests at York
    Megan K. Young, University of Kansas
  • From Legend to History: The Altarpiece of the Holy Cross (Blesa, Spain) by Martin Bernat and Miguel Jimenez, ca. 1487
    Leslie Ann Blacksberg, Eastern Kentucky University
  • The Stations of the Cross and ‘Spiritual Pilgrimage’ in early modern Brabant
    Mitzi Kirkland-Ives, Missouri State University

1:00 pm — 2:30 pm

Contemporary Art
Session Chair: Leesa Fanning, Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City
Hauenstein Room

  • Criticism and Catharsis in Two Recent Sculptures of Mao Zedong by the Gao Brothers
    David Cateforis, University of Kansas
  • Speaking Out of Time: The Relevance of Contemporary Art
    Elizabeth Kauffman, Bradley University
  • Tino Seghal at the Guggenheim: Relational Aesthetics and the Obduracy of Art
    Levi Smith, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

European Art and Architecture 1600-1800
Session Chair: Valerie Hedquist, University of Montana
Pfeiffer Room

  • Albert Eckhout's Copenhagen Series: Imagined Narratives of Colonial Exchange
    Carrie Anderson, Boston University
  • What's Old is New Again: Jan van de Velde's Twelve Months and the Assimilation of Visual and Literary Precedent
    Megan Blocksom, University of Kansas
  • The Drunken Silenus: Myth and Style at the French Royal Academy
    Anna Buxton, University of Montana
  • Theater and Pomp[adour]: A Suggested Source of Inspiration for François Boucher's Fountain of Venus
    Allison Morgan, Case Western Reserve University

2:45 pm – 4:15 pm

Nineteenth-Century European Art
Session Chair: Phylis Floyd, Michigan State University
Hauenstein Room

  • Degas’s Portrait of Mlle Fiocre and the Orientalism of Modern Life
    Mary Manning, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • New Approaches to the Study of Paul Cézanne’s Landscapes: The Use of Site Photographs for Art Historical Research
    Jorgelina Orfila, Texas Tech University
  • Nature Denatured: Ingenious Artifice in Émile Gallé’s Glass
    Jane Vahlkamp Andrus, University of Kentucky

Gardens as Ideal
Session Chair: Craig Hanson, Calvin College
Pfeiffer Room

  • The Secret Garden of Isabella d'Este
    Caitlin Sweeney, Syracuse University in Florence
  • Garden Visions of Free Labor in the 1860 Republican Presidential Election Propaganda
    Rebecca Preiss Odom, Saint Louis University
  • The Kansas City Sculpture Park: Whose Ideal?
    Jan Schall, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Conservation and the Meaning of Art Objects
Session Chair: Kenneth Bé, Ford Conservation Center, Omaha NE
Hauenstein Room

  • Grand Wood's Corn Room Mural in Council Bluffs, Iowa, 1926-7
    Kenneth Bé, Ford Conservation Center, Omaha
  • Francisco de Zurbarán’s Paintings as Primary Sources: Why Pigments and Grounds Matter
    Lori Kata, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell PA
  • (Re)constructing the Monument: The Tropaeum Traiani in the Modern Age
    Ana Mitrovici, University of California at Santa Barbara


Friday, April 15, 2011
Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

8:45 am – 10:15 am

Session Chair: Elizabeth Van Arragon, Calvin College
Hauenstein Room

  • Repetition and Remembrance: The Re-Photographic Survey Project
    Navjotika Kumar, Kent State University
  • Robert Rauschenberg's Photography
    Christina Chang, Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota
  • Kindred Lenses: The ‘Poetic Mundane’ of Twentieth Century American Landscape Photography in the work of Walker Evans, Joel Sternfeld, and Stephen Shore
    Michael Freeman, Western Oregon University

Sixteenth- and Seventeenth- Century Rome
Session Chair: Megan Walker, Grand Rapids Community College
Pfeiffer Room

  • Pilgrim, Warrior and Apostle: The Spanish Presentation of Saint James in S. Giacomo degli Spagnoli in Rome
    Rosie Marie May, Temple University
  • Reverie in Nature: Ascending to God through the Tangible in Clementine Rome
    Anne Muraoka, Independent Scholar
  • Bernini’s Cornaro Chapel: Visualizing Mysticism in the Age of Reformation
    Adam Ladd, Kent State University

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Envisioning the Medieval
Session Chair: Sigrid Danielson, Grand Valley State University
Hauenstein Room

  • Altering the Traditio[n]: The Traditio legis at the Monastery of Saint John
    Kirsten Ataoguz, Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne
  • The Bishop’s Two Bodies and the Image in Between
    Evan Gatti, Elon University
  • A Portrait of Power: Don Ugo’s Biccherna Book Cover and Social Closure in Thirteenth Century Siena
    Laura Dobrynin, Ohio University, Athens OH

Twentieth-Century Art: Détournement and Appropriation
Session Chairs: Kim Overdevest, Grand Rapids Community College; and Tamara Fox, Hope College
Pfeiffer Room

  • Walking the rue Surréaliste: The Mannequins of the 1938 International Exhibition of Surrealism
    Acacia Warwick, Bradley University
  • “Let Me Entertain You:” Popular Culture and Black Liberation in the Work of Betye Saar
    Phoebe Wolfskill, Indiana University
  • The Detourned Monument: Moving Beyond Situationist Space in Jane and Louise Wilsons’ A Free and Anonymous Monument
    Helena Shaskevich, State University of New York at Stony Brook


2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Grand Rapids Art Museum, Print Room

Prints and Drawings
Session Chair: Cindy Buckner, Grand Rapids Art Museum

  • Herman Webster’s France: A Love Story in Prints
    Reed Anderson, Kansas City Art Institute
  • A Large-Format Passion Series by Nicolas de Bruyn
    James R. Wehn, Thrivent Financial Collection of Religious Art, Minneapolis, MN
  • The Poor Man’s Art Gallery: Posters, Politics and the Boundaries of Art in Late Nineteenth-Century Paris
    Karen L. Carter, Kendall College of Art and Design
  • A Newly Found Compositional Design by Carlo Maratti
    Robert Randolf Coleman, University of Notre Dame

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Haldane Room

Public Sculpture
Session Chair: Paula Wisotzki, Loyola University at Chicago

  • “The Cinderella of the Arts”: The Success and Failure of Public Sculpture at the Festival of Britain
    Catherine Jolivette, Missouri State University
  • Disinterested Utopianism and Collaborative Patronage: Art, Industry, and Sculture nella citta
    Marin Sullivan, University of Michigan
  • Collecting Practices of the Krasl Art Center
    Tami Miller, Case Western Reserve University

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Grand Rapids Art Museum, Print Room

Design and Decorative Arts
Session Chair: Eric Gollannek, Grand Valley State University
Carolyn Tillman, University of St. Thomas

  • Heirloom or Throwaway: The Conflicted Purpose of British Tableware for the American Market
    Jeanne Morgan Zarucchi, University of Missouri-St. Louis
  • The Aging Studio: Vienna's Ringstrasse and Hans Makart
    Eric Anderson, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
  • Georgian Mercantilist Architecture and the Afterlife of Empire
    Eric Gollannek, Grand Valley State University

Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Haldane Room

Where is Asia?
Session Chair: Christine Hahn, Kalamazoo College

  • Mao’s Ideology and Artistic Form of The Legend of the Red Lantern
    Qing Chang, Washington University in St. Louis
  • “I’m into Anime!”: Meeting the Challenges of a Globalized World at a Fine Arts College
    Jan M. Kennedy, Kansas City Art Institute
  • Imagining Asia: Perceptions of China in Renaissance Florence
    Irene Backus, The University of Chicago


Saturday, April 16, 2011
Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

9:00 am – 10:30 am

African and Oceanic Art
Session Chair: Fred T. Smith, Kent State University
Haldane Room

  • Moving Beyond Dichotomous Constructs: The case of Masquerade Societies in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
    Jordan Fenton, University of Florida
  • Custom—then and now: Papua New Guinea Contemporary and Traditional Art
    Jacquelyn Lewis-Harris, University of Missouri at Saint Louis
  • Igbo Uli Art: Male and Female, Traditional and Contemporary?
    Fred T. Smith, Kent State University

Recent Acquisitionsin Midwest Museums
Session Chair: Susan Bandes, Michigan State University
Grand View Room

  • Tweaking the American Wing: Recent Acquisitions of American Art at the DIA
    Kenneth Myers, Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Two Souls in One Body: The Art of Annabel Livermore and James Magee
    Jane Connell, Muskegon Museum of Art
  • Intimate Images of Love and Loss: Portrait Miniatures at the Milwaukee Art Museum
    Catherine Sawinski, Milwaukee Art Museum
  • Divas, Sailing Ships and Bears, Oh My: Glamming Up the AAM Galleries
    Ellen Rudolph, Akron Art Museum

10:30 am – 12:00 pm

Crossing Boundaries
Session Chair: Kirstin Strom, Grand Valley State University
Haldane Room

  • Original Roto-reliefs? The Secret History of Marcel Duchamp’s Disks Bearing Spirals
    Grant Mandarino, University of Michi
  • Hale Woodruff's Talladega College Murals: Democratic and Pedagogical Equity
    Amy Nygaard, University of St. Thomas
  • Weaving the Murray: Overcoming the Boundaries Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Cultural Identities in Contemporary AustraliaAmy Dunham, University of Cincinnati

Italian Renaissance Art
Session Chair: Judith Mann, Saint Louis Art Museum
Grand View Room

  • Iconographical Integrity in Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise
    William Levin, Centre College, Danville KY
  • On Birth and Purgatory: Influences from Dante’s Commedia and Cristoforo Landino’s Comento on Ghirlandaio’s Tornabuoni Chapel Frescoes
    Lisa B. Safford, Hiram College
  • The Art and Rituals of Execution and Comforting in the Italian Renaissance
    Susan McCarthy, University of Kansas
  • The Martinengo Mausoleum in Brescia
    Rebecca Norris, Cambridge University