2010 Annual Conference

2010 Annual Conference

Apr 8 – 10, 2010

The Midwest Art History Society held its 37th annual Conference in Omaha, Nebraska April 8–10, 2010. Host institutions were the University of Nebraska at Omaha, the KANEKO center and the Joslyn Art Museum. Conference Sessions on Thursday, April 8 were held at the Joslyn Art Museum, where participants were able to view the permanent collections of European and American art as well as the Center for Western Studies and the newly installed sculpture garden. On Friday the sessions were held at KANEKO, and on Saturday at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. KANEKO is a new organization dedicated to celebrating and exploring human creativity in the arts, the sciences, the humanities, and in business. The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts located nearby, was visited by many participants as well.

Omaha is a strong supporter of the arts. The Joslyn Art Museum is housed in a beautiful Art Deco building, erected in 1931 with an addition built in 1994 by Sir Norman Foster, his first American project. Other outstanding buildings are the Durham Museum, housed in the former Union Pacific train station, another fine Art Deco structure, and the recently completed Holland Center for the Performing Arts. Near the site of the conference is the Old Market, a one–time warehouse district that has been turned into an area of restaurants, shops, art galleries and other amenities.

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 10, an afternoon side trip to Lincoln to visit the Sheldon Museum of Art took place. The Sheldon, opened in 1962 in a building designed by Philip Johnson at the center of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, possesses an outstanding collection of American Twentieth Century Art.

The residence hotels for the conference were the Courtyard by Marriott and the Hilton Garden, both within easy walking distance of the KANEKO. A shuttle was provided to the Joslyn Art Museum for the activities scheduled there.

Next year’s annual conference will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan in spring 2011. Check, the MAHS Web site soon for more details.

Conference Program

Conference Program

Midwest Art History Society Program
Annual Conference, Omaha, April 8 – 10, 2010


Thursday, April 8, 2010
Joslyn Art Museum
Abbot Lecture Hall and Omaha Steaks Conference Room

9:00 am – 10:30 am

Monumental Medieval Art & Architecture
Janet Snyder, West Virginia University, Chair

  • Annette LeZotte, Wichita State University
    Monumental Intersections: Louis IX’s Sainte-Chapelle and Louis of Anjou’s Apocalypse Tapestries
  • Maria C. Wiering, University of St. Thomas
    Approaching the Miniature Basilica: An Interior Pilgrimage to the Shrine-Altar of Saint-Denis near Paris

Global Connections in Nineteenth-Century Art
Nancy Wilkinson, Oklahoma State University, Chair

  • Marcella Sirhandi, Oklahoma State University
    Though 19th century British colonial rule decimated Indian Aesthetics, hybrid forms that filled the gap enabled the emergence of Indian modernism
  • Rebecca A. Szantyr, Case Western Reserve University [Graduate Student]
    Prospecting Desire: Re-reading Fantasy in North African Photography
  • Stuart T. Robinson, University of Cincinnati [Graduate Student]
    Memories of Charleston: Influences in the Tropical Landscapes from 1857 to 1859 by Louis Remy Mignot (1831-1870)

10:45 am–12:15 pm

Monumentality in Contemporary Art
Paula Wisotzki, Loyola University Chicago, Chair

  • Catherine Caesar, University of Dallas
    Aerial Art
  • Phoebe Wolfskill, Indiana University
    Humanizing the Gigantic in Martin Puryear”s Ladder for Booker T. Washington
  • Levi Smith, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
    Facing the Monumental: Figuring the Individual and the Collective in Jaume Plensa’s “Crown Fountain” and Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate”, Millennium Park, Chicago
  • Navjotika Kumar, Kent State University
    Monumental Interventions: Olafur Eliasson’s Replicated Landscapes

Open Session I
Jane Hutchison, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Chair

  • Paul Bacon, Dominican University
    Humanism in Wittenberg: Frederick the Wise, Konrad Celtis and Albrecht Dürer’s 1508 “Martyrdom of the 10,000 Christians”
  • Valerie Hedquist, University of Montana
    Thomas Gainsborough vs. Sir Joshua Reynolds: The Enduring Triumph of the Blue Boy
  • Punam Madhok, East Carolina University
    “Hail the Jewel is in the Lotus” (Om moni padme hum!)

1:15 – 2:45 pm

Italian Baroque Art
Gustav Medicus, Kent State University, Chair

  • Matthew Knox Averette, Creighton Univeristy
    The Piazza Barberini: Claiming Space in Baroque Rome
  • Bethany Corriveau, Case Western Reserve University
    Terra Cotta Tears: Attributing the Cleveland Museum of Art’s “Head of Prosevina”
  • Adam Ladd,
    The Devil’s Mass: Italian Influence in the Set Designs of Inigo Jones for the English Masque “Salmacida Spolia”

Open Session II
Jane Hutchison, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Chair

  • Colleen Halpin, Case Western Reserve University [Graduate Student]
    Emotion in the Face of Insanity: The Facial Expression of Rodin’s “Heroic Head of Pierre de Wiessant”
  • Rebecka Black, University of Houston
    John Singer Sargent’s “Gassed” (1918)
  • Anna L. Miller, Case Western Reserve University [Graduate Student]
    Marsh’s Deviation: “A Paramount Picture”
  • Catherine Jolivette, Missouri State University
    British Art in the 1950's: The Impact of Scientific Discovery on the Perception and Representation of Scale

3:00 – 4:30 pm

Renaissance and Baroque Art Outside of Italy
Henry Luttikhuizen, Calvin College, Chair

  • Diane Scillia, Kent State University
    The Liege Bible (London B.L. Add. Ms., 254) c. 1440: An Early Work by Barthelemy d’Eyck?
  • James Wehn, Thrivent Financial Collection of Religious Art
    Behold the Man: Spiritual Pilgrimage in Lucas van Leyden’s “Ecce Homo”
  • Denise Giannino, University of Kansas [Graduate Student]
    An Iconographical Exploration of Identity in Rembrandt’s “Equestrian Portrait of Frederick Rihel”
  • Joseph Saravo, Case Western Reserve University [Graduate Student]
    If These Walls Could Talk: The Role of Ruins and Nature in Dutch Landscape Painting

The Monumental Vernacular: Representing the Midwest
Acacia Warwick and Elizabeth Kauffman, Bradley University, Chairs

  • Annaka Marie, Columbia College
    Our Literal Nowhere: The Poor Farm of Manawa, Wisconsin
  • M. Melissa Wolfe, Columbus Museum of Art
    Windmills, Fences, and Photographs: Visualizing Victory on the Plains
  • Ashley Kolka, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
    John Banvard’s Mississippi River Panorama: Popular Spectacle and Changing Visions of the American West
  • Sarah S. Jones, University of Missouri - Columbia
    Keith Jacobshagen’s Nebraska: Sense of Place in a Minimalist Landscape


Friday, April 9, 2010

9:00 – 10:30 am

Monumentality [?] in African and Native American Art
Fred T. Smith, Kent State University, Chair

  • Fred T. Smith, Kent State University
    What is Monumental about West African Art?
  • Mark Dike DeLancey, DePaul University
    Who Will Fear it Now: Monumentality in the Palace Architecture of Northern Cameroon
  • Gay Sweely, Eastern Kentucky University
    Monumental Indian Site: Cahokia
  • Chisato O. Dubreuil, St. Bonaventure University
    Monuments in Cedar: A Clash of Cultures

Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction: Artwork’s Scale is Affected by Infinite Reproducibility
Liz Murphy Thomas, University of Illinois, Springfield

  • Diane A. Mullin, Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnisota
    Stretching and Shaping Time, Place, and Address: Scale in the Work of R. Luke Dubois
  • Jordan Cleland, Purdue University [Graduate Student]
    Digital Reproduction in Physical Space
  • Todd Jokl, University of New Haven
    Micro/Macro: image sequence and multiple image compositing

10:45 am
Trip to Gerald R. Ford Conservation Center

Meet at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art
Return to Kaneko by noon

10:45 am–12:15 pm

The Permeable West: (Im)migrant Encounters and Aesthetic Entanglements in the Visual Culture of the American West
Louise Siddons, Oklahoma State University, Chair

  • Elizabeth Spear, University of California, Riverside
    Playing Out the Difference: Painting Identity in the American West
  • Kate Elliott, Independent Scholar
    Insiders and Outsiders: Charles Russell and the Definition of the ‘True’ Westerner
  • Rachel Sailor, University of Texas at Tyler
    Local Place Making: Rethinking Nineteenth-Century Photography in the American West

Open Session III
Jane Hutchison, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Chair

  • Rosemary L. Burk, Ingalls Library, Cleveland Museum of Art
    Jacob Lawrence as Urban Storyteller: Sociological Commentary in ‘Fulton and Nostrand’
  • Patrick J. Jung, Milwaukee School of Engineering
    A Labor of Love (and a Love of Labor): Milwaukee’s ‘Man at Work’ Collection as a Scholarly Resource
  • Vittorio Colaizzi, Winona State University
    Un-Un-Un-Monumental: Instances of Scale in Contemporary Abstract Painting


12:15 pm
MAHS Business Lunch

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Visit to Bemis Center for Contemporary Art

Presentation at 3:30 pm

2:00–3:30 pm

Monumentality in Modern and Contemporary Asian Art & Architecture
Patricia J. Graham, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas, Chair

  • Catherine Becker, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Amaravati’s Colossal Dhyana Buddha: Concretizing Buddhist Heritage in South India
  • Curt Hansman, DePaul University
    Monumentality / China / [RE] Interactions
  • Elizabeth Lillehoj, DePaul University
    Ideology and Monumentality in Japanese Art
  • Patricia J. Graham, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Kansas
    Devotional Icons As Spectacle: Buddha-Buildings In Modern and Contemporary Japan

African-American Artists in the Midwest
Julia R. Myers, Eastern Michigan University, Chair

  • Catrina Hill, Baltimore Museum of Art
    Class is the Art of Archbald Motley
  • Lindsay J. Twa, Augustana College
    ‘For the Well-being of Mankind’: The Julius Rosenwald Fund and African-American Artists
  • David Lusenhop, Independent Scholar, Chicago
    The Formative Years of the African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists
  • Julia R. Myers, Eastern Michigan University
    Energy, Equality, and Interconnectedness: An Overview of the Sixty-Year Career of Detroit African-American Artist Charles McGee

3:45–5:15 pm

Encountering the “Other”: Cross-Cultural Exchanges between Asian and Euro-American Art
Jan Kennedy, Kansas City Art Institute, Chair

  • Erin Dahl, Kansas City Art Institute and University of Kansas [Graduate Student]
    Autobiographical Impulse: Pipo Nguyen-Duy and ‘East of Eden: Vietnam’
  • Catherine Dossin, Purdue University
    “Le Voyage en Chine” of 1974: Barthes, Kristeva, Fromanger and the People’s Republic of China
  • Allison Norris, University of Manchester, UK [Graduate Student]
    J-Pop is Not an Art Form
  • Tracy Krumm, Kansas City Art Institute
    Craft and Social Practice
  • Pauline Verbeek Cowart, Kansas City Art Institute
    New Tools in Weaving


Saturday, April 10, 2010
University of Nebraska at Omaha Campus
Arts and Sciences Hall 310 and 313

9:00 – 10:30 am

Constructing and Contesting Bounderies: Gender and Art
Reed Anderson, Kansas City Art Institute, Chair

  • Laura Eccleston, Bowling Green State University
    New Woman, Old Obstacles: The Works of Hanna Höch and Barbara Kruger
  • Paula Rose, University of Kasas
    Sailor Moon: Feminist Superheroine?
  • Julie L. Schutte. Case Western Reserve University [Graduate Student]
    Hidden Mixtures: Stirring Up the Kitchen Table
  • Sarah Sims, Case Western Reserve University [Graduate Student]
    The Sala delle Donne: Gender in the Borgia Apartments

Reading the Large Print: Monumentality and the Printed Image
James Wehn, Thrivent Financial Collection of Religious Art, Chair

  • Debra Lamm, Kent State University
    Image in Transition: The Printing Press and the Image in the Low Countries from the Late Fifteenth Century
  • Charles Hausberg, Philadelphia Museum of Art
    Learning from Large Prints: Lucas van Leyden and the Monumental Woodcut
  • Linda Rosefsky, West Virginia University
    Beyond Pop: A Look Beneath the Surface of Warhol’s ‘Last Supper’
  • Nathan A. Popp, University of Iowa
    Larger than Life: Size and Scope of the Work of Mauricio Lasansky

10:45 am – 12:15 pm

Concepts of Classical Monumentality in Antiquity and the Present
Robin Rhodes, Notre Dame University, Chair

  • Philip Sapirstein, Penn Museum, University of Pennsylvania
    The Technology of Monumentality in Early Greek Temples
  • John R. Senseney, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Monumentality, Scale, and the Design Process in Ancient Greek Architecture: The Origins of Architectural Drawing in the Classical Period
  • Celeste Guichard, Savannah College of Art and Design
    Hadrian / Panhellenios / and the Crafting of Monument as Memory
  • Christopher Stackowicz, Bethel College
    The Archaeological Representation of Monumental Architecture at Corinth
  • Robin F. Rhodes, University of Notre Dame
    Classical Monumentality Turned Inside-Out: The Art of Tomas Rivás

Meet at 12:45 pm
Trip to Sheldon Museum of Art, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Meet at East side of Arts & Sciences Hall, UNO
Bus leaves at 1:00 pm. Return to Omaha at 4:00 pm
Sign up by Friday morning at conference registration desk. Fee: $10