Gerry Fowle - Memoriam Details

Gerry Fowle

Gerry Fowle, a dedicated and valuable member of MAHS since its founding in 1973, passed away on October 8, 2011. Gerry chaired sessions, gave papers, sat on the board, and served as the organization's first and only archivist. An active and reliable participant at every board meeting, Gerry was consistently on hand to provide us with the occasional necessary fact or name as well as a sense of the organization's mission, its history, and its goals. Gerry’s positive outlook and unflappable spirit made her a valued presence at our meetings. Seeing Gerry’s smiling face gave all of us who have served with her over the years a reassuring sense of continuity and purpose. Her stewardship of the archives, a major responsibility and of enormous importance to the organization, guaranteed that all documents related to MAHS were stored and maintained. At times, this has presented challenges, but Gerry confronted them with courage and creativity and her unforgettable chuckle.

Gerry was educated in Michigan and has spent forty-four years teaching in Kansas City, making her career in art history Midwestern through and through. Her steadfast commitment to the Midwest Art History Society embodied the best of those qualities that we associate with the region. We will remember Gerry for her unflagging enthusiasm and contributions to MAHS through the years, and for her pivotal role in establishing importance of the organization to present and future art historians in the Midwest.