2009-10 Annual Awards - Awards

2009-10 Annual Awards

First Annual Charles D. Cuttler Award

Mrs. Jean M. Green was awarded the Charles D. Cuttler Award for Contributions to the History of Art at the April 9 Members Luncheon of the MAHS Conference in Omaha. This annual award is named for art historian and Midwest Art History Society Founder Charles D. Cuttler. It has been established to honor art historians, curators, museum directors, patrons, and others who have made contributions, national or international, to the history of art with special relevance to the Midwest. Mrs. Green is the very first to receive this award.

Mrs. Green has been recognized for her and her family’s generosity as supporters of civic philanthropic causes and as major contributors to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. MAHS is particularly grateful to Mrs. Green for her generous sponsorship of our own projects, notably the Corpus of Drawings in Midwestern Collections. The forthcoming volume in this series, the sixteenth-century northern drawings, will include the following acknowledgment: “The color illustrations were made possible by a generous grant from the Westport Fund, Kansas City, Missouri, arranged by Gail M. Harmon, Annie J. McGreevy, and Jean M. Green in memory of their parents Barbara James McGreevy and Milton McGreevy. Both Mr. and Mrs. McGreevy were devoted collectors of Old Master Drawings.”

Award for Outstanding Catalogue

The Midwest Art History Society Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Chance Aesthetics is the winner of the Midwest Art History Society Award for Outstanding Catalogue for 2009. It was the unanimous decision of the Outstanding Catalogue committee to present this award to the Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum/Washington University in St. Louis. The catalogue was judged on the basis of scholarly contributions to the field, the quality of writing and design. Chance Aesthetics is exemplary on all accounts. Its author Meredith Malone, who curated the exhibition for which the catalogue was produced, wrote an introduction and an essay. Other essays were written by Susan Laxton and Janine Mileaf, with catalogue entries by Bradley Bailey and Emily Hage.

Graduate Student Presentation Award

The Midwest Art History Society's Graduate Student Presentation Award is granted to the best paper presented by a graduate student at the MAHS annual conference. Candidates are nominated by their panel chairs and the winning paper is selected by a committee of MAHS board members. The prize this year consisted of two parts: an electronic gift card to amazon.com for the winner to purchase a book of his or her choice, and a year‘s membership in MAHS.

The 2009 award was presented to Lourdes Ramirez, a first-year graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, for her paper, "Francisco de Zurbaran: Nazareth in the New World"

Ramirez‘s paper discussed the painter‘s financial dependence on emerging art markets for his religious pictures in the New World. Using the subject of Christ and the Virgin in the House at Nazareth as an example, she traced the sale of this picture to the Americas and then documented as many as ten variations and copies of the work produced in Latin America. Using financial data from documents of the time, Ramirez concluded that Zurbaran‘s targeting of New World markets was short-lived because of declining trade revenues. As a result, Zurbaran redirected his efforts to cater to new and established patrons in Spain during the later part of his career. Mr. Ramirez‘s paper summarized a well-documented research project, bringing to light new information about one of Spain‘s most important seventeenth century artists.