2006-07 Annual Awards - Awards

2006-07 Annual Awards

Graduate Student Presentation Award

The paper selected for the award at the 2006 conference in Dallas was by April Jehan Morris, a graduate student at Southern Methodist University, for her paper entitled "Balanced on a Blade: Images and Ideals of Templar Identity." It was presented on the panel "Forming Identity in Medieval Art" chaired by Pamela Patton of Southern Methodist University.

Morris's paper discussed the iconography of the mid-twelfth century frescoes at the chapel of the Knights Templar in Cressac (Charente, France), about which very little had previously been written. She showed how the images of Charlemagne, St. George, St. Michael, an unknown bishop, and Frankish warriors reinforced the dual secular and spiritual identities of the Templars as men of both warfare and prayer. Morris articulately and convincingly placed these Romanesque paintings within the context of the Templars' crusading ideals and communal activities. Members of the awards committee praised the paper for being "clear, well organized and jargon-free" and for providing an "original interpretation of the chapel's iconography, rather than rehashing other scholars' work." The Midwest Art History Society is honored to be able to support and encourage such excellent work by graduate students.

Award for Outstanding Exhibition Catalogue

The Midwest Art History Society Board of Directors is pleased to announce the winner of the award for the 2006 Outstanding Exhibition Catalogue - Biedermeier: The Invention of Simplicity, Hans Ottomeyer, Klaus Albrecht Schröder, and Laurie Winters. The catalogue was produced by the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Many wonderful catalogues were submitted, and only after careful review and deliberation did the Award Committee, Leesa Fanning (Chair), Joseph Becherer, and Robin Clark, select Biedermeier: The Invention of Simplicity.

Selection of the Outstanding Exhibition Catalogue was based on the conception of the catalogue, contributions to contemporary scholarship, and excellence in design.