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Midwest Art History Society

Conference Program

Midwest Art History Society Program
Annual Conference, The Ohio State University, Columbus
March 21 – 23, 2013


Thursday, March 21, 2013

9:00 am – 10:45 am

East Asian Art
Chair: Mikiko Hirayama, University of Cincinnati
Hays Cape Room 3152, Ohio Union

  • Mina Kim, Ohio State University
    Lotus and Birds in the Cincinnati Art Museum: Philosophical Syncretism in the Transitional Work of Bada Shanren”
  • Yun-Jeong Min, Ohio State University
    “The Reception of Western Art Academy in Meiji Period Japan”
  • Leah Daniel, University of Cincinnati
    “Morita Shiryu and Artistic Classification: Avant-Garde, Abstract Expressionist, or Sho?”
  • Winnie Tsang, Ohio State University
    “The Popular Mao: A Study of Liu Chunhua's Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan

Renaissance Art (I)
Chair: Henry Luttikhuizen, Calvin College
Scharer Room 3146, Ohio Union

  • Anna Goodman, Indiana University
    “Holy Heroines: Il Moretto da Brescia's St Ursula in Context”
  • Edward Olszewski, Case Western Reserve University
    “Bronzino's London Venus for Catherine de' Medici”
  • Shannon Pritchard, University of Southern Indiana
    “Giambologna's Bronze Reliefs and Their Relationship to the Paragone

Seeing the Civil War I: Illustrations, Landscapes, Memphis, and the Sea Islands
Chair: Theresa Leininger-Miller, University of Cincinnati
Ailabouni Room 3148, Ohio Union

  • Baird Jarman, Carleton College
    “The Melodramatic Mode of Reportage: Thomas Nast as a Civil War Illustrator”
  • Maura Lyons, Drake University
    “Civil War Landscapes: The Forgotten Chapter of the American Landscape Tradition?”
  • Earnestine Jenkins, University of Memphis
    “The Visual Culture of Emancipation: Fort Pickering, Black Soldiers, and Freedwomen in Civil War Era Memphis”
  • Dana Byrd, Bowdoin College
    “The Space Between: Seeing the Civil War Plantation”

11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Ancient Art
Chair: Timothy J. McNiven, Ohio State University
Rutner Room 3150, Ohio Union

  • Kristin M. Barry, Pennsylvania State University
    “For Art’s Sake?’: Reading ‘Values’ in the Architectural Presentation of Rock Art”
  • Virginia S. Poston, University of Southern Indiana
    “The Parthenon Frieze, Some Practical Considerations and Possibilities”
  • Michael R. Bowman, Ohio State University
    “Planes of Experience: The Forma Urbis Romae and Virtual Space”

Renaissance Art (II)
Chair: Henry Luttikhuizen, Calvin College
Scharer Room 3146, Ohio Union

  • Paul Bacon, Dominican University
    “From Wilsnack to Wittenberg: Frederick the Wise and Blood Piety in Electoral Saxony, 1484 to 1525”
  • Javier Berzal de Dios, Ohio State University
    “Between Siegecraft and Stagecraft: The Question of Ideal Space”
  • Leslie Ann Blacksberg, Eastern Kentucky University
    “Albrecht Dürer and the Jews: Anti-Semitism in the Work of a Revered Artist”

18th and 19th Century Art (I)
Chair: Andrew Carrington Shelton, Ohio State University
Tootle Room 3156, Ohio Union

  • Barbara Brooks, University of Missouri, Kansas City
    “Caricature and Medicine in 18th Century England”
  • Karissa E. Bushman, University of Iowa
    “Goya’s Representation of the History of Inquisitorial Terror in Los Caprichos
  • Kate Scott, Rutgers University
    “A Knife to the Eye: Truth by Sight in Ammi Phillips’ Peter Guernsey, the Eye Doctor

Modern Graphic Art
Chair: Amanda Gluibizzi, Ohio State University
Cartoon 1 Room, 3145, Ohio Union

  • Emma Newcombe, Boston University
    “America ‘Plainly Set Down’: Civil War Maps in the New York Herald and the New-York Tribune
  • Karen L. Carter, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
    “The Académie Julian and the Origins of Modern Graphic Design and Illustration”
  • Tracy Flagg, University of Cincinnati
    “In Spiritual Solidarity: The Significance of Black Chorus Members as Christ’s Sympathizers in Allan Rohan Crite’s Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?(1944)”

2:15 pm – 4:00 pm

The Arts of Africa and the African Diaspora
Chair: Fred T. Smith, Kent State University
Scharer Room 3146, Ohio Union

  • Christopher Richards, University of Florida
    “We Have Always Been Fashionable: The Historicity of Fashion in Accra, Ghana”
  • Idris Kabir Syed, Kent State University
    “Nigerian Influences in the Ceramic Work of El Anatsui”
  • Allison Martino, University of Michigan
    “From a Shama Photo Studio to the Kotoka Airport and Beyond: Imagined Narratives in Philip Kwame Apagya’s Photographs”
  • Amy M. Nygaard Mickelson, University of Missouri, Kansas City
    “Wangechi Mutu: The Backlash Blues”

Medieval and Byzantine Art
Chair: Gerry Guest, John Carroll University
Hays Cape Room 3152, Ohio Union

  • Gerry Guest, John Carroll University
    “Masculinity and Beauty in the Twelfth Century”
  • Rebecca A. Smith, University of Iowa
    “Flowers of Fragility: An Examination of the Structure and Design of Rose Windows”
  • Steven J. Kerrigan, University of Iowa
    “Making Sense of the Flamboyant Style in Normandy”

Seeing the Civil War II: A Diary, An Illuminated Manuscript, Food Still-Lifes, and Memorials
Chair: Theresa Leininger-Miller, University of Cincinnati
Ailabouni Room 3148, Ohio Union

  • Kelly Quinn, Archives of American Art
    “Henry Mosler’s Civil War Diary, a Digital Exhibition”
  • Chris Bell, Northwestern University
    “Substance and Shadow in the Spectacular Civil War”
  • Shana Klein, University of New Mexico
    “Plant Corn and Be Free or Plant Cotton and Be Whipped: Contextualizing Still-Life Representations of Food During and After the American Civil War”
  • Michael Panhorst, Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
    “Lest We Forget: Memorial Art and Architecture on Civil War Battlefields”

18th and 19th Century Art (II)
Chair: Andrew Carrington Shelton, Ohio State University
Tootle Room, 3156, Ohio Union

  • Emily Talbot, University of Michigan
    “Facture, Fracture, Photography: Fragmenting Degas’s ‘Photographic Eye’”
  • Lynne Ambrosini, Taft Museum of Art
    “The Mirror of Water before Giverny: Reflections on Monet and his Predecessors”
  • Galina Olmsted, The Cleveland Museum of Art
    “‘The Great Delights of Life’: Beyond the Window in Gustave Caillebotte’s Portrait of a Man”
  • Ashley Bartman, Case Western Reserve University
    “A Gilded Woman: John Singer Sargent’s Portrait of Lisa Colt Curtis

4:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Wexner Center of the Arts Theatre

Keynote Address
Professor Charles Barber, University of Notre Dame
Looking Otherwise: Illumination and Subjectivity in Late Byzantine Painting

Reception to follow
Mershon Auditorium

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Friday, March 22, 2013

9:00 am – 10:45 am

Art History and Technology
Chair: Catherine Carter Goebel, Augustana College
Hays Cape Room 3152, Ohio Union

  • Karil J. Kucera, St. Olaf College
    “Multi-Media Approaches to Sacred Sites: A Chinese Case Study”
  • Craig A. Hanson, Calvin College
    “From 100 to 10,000 Readers: En?lade as a Case Study for Rethinking Audiences”
  • Catherine C. Goebel, Augustana College
    “An Arrangement in Digital Archiving: James McNeill Whistler and His Critics”
  • Indra K. Lacis, Case Western Reserve University
    “Analyzing Online Celebrity: Marina Abramovic’s Internet Presence”

The Gau-gang’s All Here
Chair: Thor J. Mednick, University of Toledo
Ailabouni Room 3148, Ohio Union

  • Bart Pushaw, University of Chicago
    “Synthetism in Finland: The Gauguin Connection?”
  • Britany L. Salsbury, Graduate Center, City University of New York
    “Félix Vallotton’s Intimités and the Print Portfolio in Fin-de Siècle Paris”
  • Michelle Facos, Indiana University
    “Gauguin’s Copenhagen Exhibition and its Fallout in Sweden”

Latin American Art
Chair: Guisela Latorre, Ohio State University
Rutner Room 3150, Ohio Union

  • Alejandra Rojas, Harvard University
    “Aztec Ritual, European Vice: Picturing Chocolate and Tobacco in Sixteenth-Century Mexico”
  • Guisela Latorre, Ohio State University
    Hecho en Chile: Graffiti, Muralism and Urban Intervention in Post-Dictatorship Chile”
  • Kate Bonansinga, University of Cincinnati
    Art at the Edge of the U.S. and Mexico
  • Debra Lavelle, Ohio State University
    “Selling Cigars, Sand, and Sexuality: Advertising and the Cuban Woman in Nineteenth Century Tobacco Art and Twentieth Century Travel Posters”

Women Artists, Patrons, Collectors, and Critics
Chair: Valerie Hedquist, University of Montana, Missoula
Scharer Room 3146, Ohio Union

  • Meaghan Duffy, Ohio University
    “Framing Faith: Exploring the Frame in the work of Faith Ringgold”
  • Chelby King, University of Houston
    “Jermayne MacAgy and Dominique de Menil: An Educational Collaboration”
  • Laura S. Taylor, University of Missouri–Kansas City, Missouri
    “Art in Scale: The Miniature Collection of Barbara Hall Marshall”
  • Susan Waller, Associate Professor, University of Missouri–Saint Louis, Missouri
    “Emma Dupont and the Praxis of the Pose in Belle Epoque Paris”

11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Radical Recovery: Getting Censored, Going Viral, and Learning from David Wojnarowicz
Chair: Mysoon Rizk, University of Toledo
Cartoon 1 Room, 3145, Ohio Union

  • Mysoon Rizk, University of Toledo
    “Kid Breathes Fire: Learning from David Wojnarowicz’s A Fire in My Belly
  • Lauren DeLand, University of Minnesota
    “After Fire: Combating 21st Century Conservative Activism via the Legacy of David Wojnarowicz”
  • Scott A. Sherer, The University of Texas at San Antonio
    “Beyond Censorship”

American Art
Chairs: Anne Norcross, Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
Tootle Room 3156, Ohio Union

  • Lauren Cordes Tate, Indiana University
    “Symbolic Slavery and Frontier Fears in George Caleb Bingham’s Election Series”
  • Patricia D. Siska, Independent Scholar, New York City
    “Beginning and End of the Civil War: Revisiting George P. A. Healy's Paintings of General Beauregard, and The Peacemakers
  • Lucie Steinberg, Williams College
    “Redemption Undone in the Work of Dario Robleto”

Recent Acquisitions in Midwestern Museums
Co-Chairs: Judith W. Mann, Saint Louis Art Museum; Salvador Salort-Pons, Detroit Institute of Arts
Cartoon 2 Room, 3147, Ohio Union

  • E. Jane Connell, Muskegon Museum of Art
    “New Art for the New Century: The Muskegon Museum of Art’s Centennial Collection”
  • Cheryl Snay, Snite Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame
    “Manners of Speaking: Recent Acquisitions of Sixteenth-Century Works on Paper at the Snite Museum of Art”
  • Salvador Salort-Pons, Detroit Institute of Arts
    “A Golden Age at the DIA: Collecting Spanish Art”

12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Members Luncheon and Business Meeting
Great Hall Meeting Room, 1 & 2
Ohio Union

2:15 pm – 4:00 pm

Metaphor, Analogy, Art History
Chair: Karl Whittington, Ohio State University
Tootle Room 3156, Ohio Union

  • Tina Le, University of Michigan
    “Danh Vo’s We The People: Examining Problems of Scale and Symbols”
  • Lisa Safford, Hiram College
    “Angels Among Us? Clothing, Dance and Aire in Ghirlandaio’s Birth-room Attendants”
  • Barbara Jaffee, Northern Illinois University
    “Visualizing an Analogy”

Dissecting the Landscape within Modern Art
Chair: Christine Bentley, University of Indianapolis
Cartoon 1 Room, 3145, Ohio Union

  • Nancy Palm, University of North Carolina, Pembroke
    “Soon to be Known Only in History’: Indian Figures, U.S. Landscape Painting, and the Backdrop of Indian Policy”
  • Edward M. Puchner, McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina
    “Godly Presence in the Landscapes of Minnie Evans”
  • Lara Kuykendall, Ball State University
    “In Defense of the Farm: John Steuart Curry’s Wartime Landscapes”
  • Navjotika Kumar, Kent State University
    “Disjunctive Spaces: The Emergence of Landscape as Museum”

Rothko in the 1940s
Chair: Dominique H. Vasseur, Columbus Museum of Art
Columbus Museum of Art, 480 East Broad St. (shuttle to CMA provided)

  • Heather Haden, Kent State University
    “Unveiling Color: Giotto’s Influence on the Oeuvre of Mark Rothko”
  • Morgan Thomas, University of Cincinnati
    “Liquidities: Rothko, Pollock, and Thinned Paint”
  • Michael Schreyach, Trinity University
    “The Modernist Picture Plane in Rothko and Pollock”
  • Paula Wisotzki, Loyola University Chicago
    “David Smith and the 1940s: A Different Path”

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Columbus Museum of Art
Special Viewing Hours and Reception
480 East Broad St.
Shuttle service provided

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

8:45 am – 10:15 am

Breakfast Roundtable Discussion: Appraising as a Career Path for Art Historians
Cartoon 1 & 2 Room, 3145, Ohio Union

Patricia J. Graham, University of Kansas and Asian Art Research & Appraisals, Lawrence, KS
Jane C.H. Jacob, Jacob Fine Art, Chicago
Lisa Darling, Jacob Fine Art, Chicago

10:30 am – 12:15 am

The Baroque in Italy, Flanders and Spain
Chair: Shelley Perlove, University of Michigan
Hays Cape Room, 3152, Ohio Union

  • Amanda Castleberry, Case Western Reserve University
    “Caravaggio’s Martyrdom of Saint Ursula: Honoring Patronage and Purity”
  • Melissa Yuen, Rutgers University
    “Mattia Preti’s Miracle of St. Pantaleon: The Reemergence of Caravaggism near Mid-Century”
  • Linda C. Hults, College of Wooster
    “Rubens’s Dying Seneca and Early Modern Masculinity”
  • Lauren Maceross, Case Western Reserve University
    “Ignoble Love, Elevated Folly: Seeing Velázquez’s Calabazas as Courtier”

Islamic Art
Chair: Esra Akin-Kivanc, Oberlin College
Tootle Room 3156, Ohio Union

  • Aneta Samkoff, City University of New York
    “From Central Asia to Anatolia: the Transmission of the Cuerda Seca Technique and the History of a Tile from the Metropolitan Museum of Art”
  • Sara Mahdizadeh, University of Sheffield
    “The Role of Religion and Tradition in Garden Conservation: A Case Study, Qadamgah Tomb-Garden, Neyshabur, Iran”
  • Zeliha Kumbasar Akyol & Seher Kalender, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf University
    “Structural and Cultural Memory in the Shaping of the Ottoman Neighborhood: Islamic Primary Sources and Their Influence”
  • Courtney Lesoon, University of Sharjah
    “Maturing a Market: Contemporary Art in the Emirates”

South Asian Art
Chair: Marcela Sirhandi, Oklahoma State University and the University of Missouri at Kansas City
Scharer Room 3146, Ohio Union

  • Nandaka Kalugampitiya, Ohio University
    “Sigiriya: Aesthetics and State Power”
  • Kimberly Masteller, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
    “Context is Everything: Negotiating Culture in a Manuscript of the Jain Kalpusutra and Kalakacharyakatha”
  • Samina Iqbal, Virgina Commonwealth University
    “The Complexity of the Ordinary”
  • Ankur Desai, Ohio State University
    “From Head to Toe: Portraiture and the Sacred Image in the Svaminarayana Sampradaya”

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